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Sarah has been in corporate recruiting since 2006, most recently as the Director of Talent Acquisition for Bullhorn, the leading SaaS solution for the staffing industry. Sarah and her husband are the previous owners of green well Organic Tea & Coffee and green well BEING health coaching in New Haven, CT. As a career in-house Recruiter and female business owner, Sarah is passionate about contributing to the impact women make in the companies that shape our world. 


Sarah enjoys yoga, live music, fun themed 5K’s, and most of all, spending time with her husband Matt, children Lincoln and Eve, and dog Wrigley. Sarah is uncomfortable cooking bacon and writing in the third person.

q. what makes HER MOVE different than other recruiting firms?


a. As a boutique firm, we have a high-touch approach with our client companies and focus our searches on quality of candidate versus quantity of candidate. We stay up to date on the latest trends in the software industry, and are able to speak knowledgeably with hiring managers and candidates alike about technology and all aspects of the SDLC. We are connected to women-centric tech organizations like Women Who Code and Girl Develop It, and are a member of the National Organization for Women. We genuinely care about the advancement and empowerment of women in technology, and are an all-around pleasure to work with. (If we do say so ourselves; but we also have references who will back us up.) 

q. why focus on women?


a. We've worked with a lot of recruiting firms while being in corporate talent acquisition, and have always been discouraged by the lack of diversity in candidates they present. Diversity hiring initiatives are always part of an internal TA team's goals, but recruiting firms are typically not held to those same standards. 


Focusing solely on job requirements, men often rise to the top of the search results. We'll ask questions in the strategy session around things that matter to women, and to uncover barriers to entry that might be preventing women from being presented for opportunities. We will also reach out to women who may not necessarily have their hands raised for a job change, and empower them to take that next step in their careers.


q. what if the best candidate is not a woman?


a. We target women in sourcing, and women make up the majority of our network and database. We are advocates for female candidates and will respectfully challenge our clients to consider how their definition of "best" could be eliminating women from consideration. If we find a great candidate who does not identify as a woman, we will happily move them forward for consideration. Her Move is about equality and empowerment; it would be hypocritical of us to exclude anyone who is amazing.

Amazing women know amazing women.

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