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Your move.

Let's get you a new job that deserves you.

If your job is no longer serving you, let's talk. Whether through one-on-one career coaching, one of the items in our job search buffet, or being featured on crumple, we take a you-centric approach to guiding you toward the position and company that are right for you. 


Sarah provided me with Her Move coaching services that were instrumental in me landing my new job. She gave me invaluable content and delivery feedback for an interview presentation I had to deliver, and well-prepared me for interview questions aligned with my role. And after getting the offer, she advised me on the offer and negotiations. I benefited from her years of experience and expertise in the field and her genuine desire to make me successful. 

Sunny, Senior Product Manager

holistic career coaching


Feeling stuck or unsure of your next step inside or outside of your current organization? If you aren't ready to make a move but need some help figuring things out, holistic career coaching is for you. Let's talk about work and life, and find a path forward for fulfillment in all aspects. ​​

cost:  $100 per 45-minute session (phone or video.)

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create a resume that showcases all you bring to the table


job search buffet


Each candidate and company is unique. You may have an awesome resume but flop during phone screens. Perhaps you've found your dream job, but can't seem to get a call back. Maybe you've scored an on-site interview, but have to give a nerve-racking presentation. Whatever your job search needs, we can help.



A few commonly requested buffet items: 

prepare for each step of your interview(s)


update your linkedin and digital professional presence


decipher and negotiate your offer


find and apply for the right opportunities


cost:  $120 per hour. Hourly estimate provided following buffet request. 


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Amazing women know amazing women.

If you know of a woman who would be great for one of our opportunities (or that we just need to meet, in general!) introduce us via Her Move's REFER HER program. If we end up connecting her with a great new opportunity, we'll thank you with $1,000.

Contact to make a referral today.


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