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Her Move is a boutique full-service leadership recruitment and consulting firm that offers the companies we partner with the expertise and guidance to cultivate diversity at the leadership level across software engineering, product management, sales & marketing, operations, services and support. 

Be an integral part of our clients' growth story by strengthening their leadership team through diverse and impactful hires. 

Our values drive how Her Move operates as an organization and with the clients we serve:


We aren't providing a service; we're making a significant impact. Impact at the companies we partner with, the candidates we place, and the landscape of the tech industry.


We want to know everything about our clients: your goals, strategy, how the position we're working on will contribute to your success. We take this same approach with our candidates, leading to exceptional matches. 


We view recruitment as an iterative process, using feedback loops to consistently refine and pivot the search so that you end up with the best leader in the quickest amount of time possible. 


We take our mission seriously, and will always be transparent and forthcoming with our clients and candidates. We've never made a hire for the sake of filling a seat, and we never will. 

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